Why You Need a Content Manager

Marketing is reaching a new pinnacle with a whole world of intricacies. It’s no wonder we feel overwhelmed by the ever changing, ever-evolving, and all-encompassing digital world. Knowing everything from analytics to graphic design to digital advertising and customer acquisition models can be daunting for a business owner focused on clients, sales, or production. So the big question is: Why do YOU need a Content Manager?

Digital World Always Expanding with Business Embracing E-Commerce and Digital Marketing.
The Internet Makes the World Go ‘Round.

What Does Your Digital Footprint Look Like?

The first question to ask yourself is this: How much of your business exists online? Do you have any efforts focused on customer acquisition through digital channels? Are your audience and past clientele engaging through social media outlets like Instagram and Facebook? Does your website introduce new information through blogs, newsletters, rotating sales, etc.? If you answered yes to most of these questions then you should look into finding a stellar Content Manager. The digital world is constantly in flux, with social media platforms changing their regulations to better appease their users and businesses vying for top search rankings. It can be a struggle to get noticed and find the adequate foot traffic to justify spending your time online managing Facebook. The truth is — more and more consumers are searching online for all their needs. They’re checking ratings, prices, previous client’s comments and (of course) the competition! Your company’s digital footprint is our modern day “First Impression.” How is yours holding up?

What a Content Manager Oversees:

While you’re focused on the daily business operations, face to face interactions, or traveling, the internet is pulsing with a constant bombardment of new data. This is where a Content Manager steps in for you, keeping your digital footprint relevant, alive, and targeting interactive audiences. When things change in your business, the content manager ensures all your digital info follows suit. Planning a special event? Send the information to your manager and he or she will create a marketing plan to spread the word through your social media platforms while updating your website and send out invitation e-mails. This may include building the newsletter/invitation, sourcing photos and other relevant media, and continued communication on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn (etc.) as your audience comments to social media posts. This means a Content Manager keeps up with marketing trends, social media platform regulations, and your website’s analytics to make every interaction relevant.

Who Makes a Good Content Manager?

A list of prerequisite skills can be found anywhere online when searching for Content Managers, but there are some key ingredients you may want include in your search:

  • Creativity and Ingenuity :: Working in the digital world requires thinking outside the box. Repetitive posts online or meaningless and characterless blogs can drive potential clients away. Keeping everything fresh yet relevant is key to a successful marketing strategy and a good Content Manager will exemplify a creative eye for their work.
  • Investigative and Inquisitive :: There’s a ton of information pouring in about your website and digital footprint at large that needs constant analysis to be effective. Figuring out what all these statistics mean for your traffic and audience can inspire targeted marketing campaigns. With the right Content Manager these puzzle pieces will create a picture full of new customers, heavier traffic, and more sales!
  • Organized and Detail Oriented :: So many little pieces go into making a successful digital footprint and they all have to line up properly to be 100% effective! Finding the right person who can keep everything compartmentalized and working together is essential. The last thing you want is a confused customer!
  • Writing and Editing Skills :: Everything online is visual these days. Having a basic understanding of language — writing, reading, editing — is a must. The more creative one can be with their use of language online, the better the returns.
  • Experience :: Ultimately, you want to find someone with experience. This will take a little investigation and some interviewing on your part. Make sure you have potential Content Managers send over samples of their work with a short marketing summary for your business. You may find yourself impressed with their ideas and strategies!
Content Manager Analyzing Analytics in Digital Marketing
The Best Content Managers Keep You Up To Date with Analytics, Information, and Creative New Ideas!

Choosing a Content Manager

If you’re reading this blog you’ve probably already stumbled upon the Content Manager you’re looking for: Boulder Digital Media. But we suggest you check out the competition so you understand why we stand out above the rest! We work closely with our clients to ensure we’re maximizing our time — and only charge for the time we put in, unlike most marketing firms who charge a contractual monthly fee. Start your search with these hiring tools:

  • LinkedIn – Great for meeting new business partners. This is a Social Media Platform designed for businesses and attracts a large number of Digital Marketers and Content Managers.
  • MediaBistro – A great search engine for finding businesses and individuals both in your local area or anywhere in the world.
  • Google Search: Content Manager – You will find a nearly endless list of website, businesses, and personal pages for Content Managers and Digital Marketers.
  • Contact Boulder Digital Media directly – Get in touch with us today and we can schedule a free consultation with you to discuss marketing strategies to increase your digital footprint and online traffic! E-Mail us any questions at Info@BoulderDigitalMedia.com