Why You Need a Content Manager

Marketing is reaching a new pinnacle with a whole world of intricacies. Make sure you’re ready to manage your digital footprint, content, and user experience. Here’s what you need to consider when approaching finding or being a Content Manager.

3 Reasons for Analytics

How is your website performing? Have you gone through your Analytics to see where things might be able to be improved? Taking some time to look at your statistics, really analyzing what’s happening with customers on your webpage, might enlighten you to areas of improvement. Everything from inappropriate marketing campaigns to broken buttons on a page on your website….

Social Media :: What You Need To Know

Social Media | Boulder Digital Media

The digital universe is not an easy place to navigate when trying to find customers or clients. You can’t rely on body language or tonality, but instead are given an arena of unlimited potential to create captivating visuals and stimulating conversations to attract new followers and, thereby, creating loyal customers. It all depends on your company’s voice, it’s character,…

5 Tips :: How To Build A Landing Page That Converts

Building a landing page that speaks to your audience is a crucial part of converting your prospects into customers. It doesn’t matter what type of business you run, the principals of building the page are the same. Here are 5 techniques that will help you build a landing page that will increase your conversion rates: 1. :: Set Your…

Marketing A Difference!

Marketing & Advertising | Boulder Digital Media

There is a misconception that marketing strategy is based on feelings and hunches. In the digital age, nothing could be further from the truth. Every effort has a performance metric when you are talking about advertising in the modern age of computers, tablets, mobiles phones and the consumer data they provide. Even the old grassroots efforts can be measured…