3 Reasons for Analytics


How is your website performing? Have you gone through your Analytics to see where things might be able to be improved? Taking some time to look at your statistics, really analyzing what’s happening with customers on your webpage, might enlighten you to areas of improvement. Everything from inappropriate marketing campaigns to broken buttons on a page on your website. Here are three basic reasons why you should look into your Analytics and what they may reveal for you.

Analyze Audience and Customer Traffic

The first reason businesses begin using Analytics is to better understand their market. Ensuring the individuals approaching your website align with your target audience is vital for online sales. If the people drawn to your site don’t harmonize with your service or product they won’t buy! With detailed analysis of traffic coming to and working through your website you can influence marketing strategies to better acquire customers within your target audience. Sometimes you’ll discover an entire sector of untapped potential finding your website without any marketing geared towards them. The most basic analytics reports include everything from the browser used, source websites, user language, gender, and age. With more advanced filters and certified analyzers you can determine a lot more about the habits of your audience.

Pain Moments and Audience Flow

Once you’ve understood your audience, it’s time to start looking into your website’s flow chart. Google Analytics keeps track of how website users move through different pages and when they exit your website altogether. When digging into these reports you may notice a page or two with a high drop off or bounce rate. This can indicate a pain on your website, or a moment where customers fail to find relevant information or there’s a problem with user experience. Determining why customers are leaving at these junctures can help solve conversion issues, driving better customer acquisition and sales! You may also find that users coming in from certain source websites interact differently than others. Creating unique pages for each marketing campaign may result from analyzing trends like these. With the help of website designers and marketing specialists you can optimize the over user experience for each of your demographics.


Source Statistics

It’s important to understand from where your customers find your website. If you’re running certain marketing campaigns with high relevance for social media users, but less so for bloggers and shoppers, you may need to tailor your strategy and market reach to accommodate the potential audience. You’ll know whether your strategy is working based on the source information acquired by your analytics platform. For instance if you have a high volume of traffic sourced from Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, but lack traffic from Google, Yahoo, or Bing you can understand your advertisement’s effectiveness amongst social media users. At this point you can tailor the strategy towards which audience it is geared and create different marketing strategies for other markets.

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